Embracing mini

Ever since the launch of iPhone 6 back in 2014, I’ve enjoyed having a larger display. Web pages became easier to read and navigate, photos looked even more spectacular and on-screen keyboards began to feel less cramped. Still with the increase in size, I missed the feeling of the iPhones 3G, 4 and 5 that…More

The WWDC That Never Took Place

As has already been written many times over the last month, Apple’s WWDC 2020 was a true departure from its previous annual developer conferences. Forced by COVID-19, the fully online format created an experience that while potentially lacking for those who normally can attend in person, was much more accessible to millions of other enthusiastic…More

Tetrad for Apple’s Virtual WWDC 2020 Keynote

In my media-ecological research, I have been fascinated by the development and implementation of the ‘tetrad’ by Marshall and Eric McLuhan. First explained in their 1988 book Laws of Media: The New Science, the laws ‘…are intended to provide a ready means of identifying the properties of and actions exerted upon ourselves by our technologies…More