Hi, my name is Martin Feld. Welcome to Lounge Ruminator.

I spend a lot of time thinking. I notice something then I think about it… then I continue to think about it, then I feel a need to say something about it. I’m pretty sure that it drives people around me crazy.

Well, this site is a space for these thoughts. Each day, I post a Daily Rumination that details something odd or interesting that I’ve noticed. If I feel like writing more, you’ll see longer articles on technology, the arts or whatever else that I find worthwhile at the time.

Much of my rumination, you could say, is influenced by the hit 1990s sitcom Seinfeld. I love to dwell on the mundane and seemingly trivial elements of life.

With regard to technology, the majority of my writing relates to Apple. My admiration for the brand began when I was only five years old. In the late 1990s, my parents were on the verge of buying a Windows PC, as was recommended largely at the time. Disturbed by this looming possibility, my aunt Francine, a Mac enthusiast, jumped in to bring things to a halt. The Mac, she asserted, was undoubtedly the superior machine, even in a time when Apple was on the brink of collapse.

Once our first computer (the PowerMac 6500), arrived at the house back in 1997, I fell in love with it. The clicks, the boops, the beeps, the animations… everything about it was fun and inviting. The Mac had personality, and still does to this day, while other computers fail to replicate the same magic. To my mind, no other company has achieved the same unification of hardware, software and services, across such a focused set of personal consumer products.

I hope that all of this has given you something on which to ruminate.

Thank you for visiting!

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