Appearance: ‘And You Are?’ Episode 15

I had a great time chatting with Greg Morris on his podcast And You Are? about Australia, Apple, blogging and technology in general. Greg maintains a regular blog at and was very kind to invite me on his show. Check it out! 😀More

Rumination 64: Tautological Torture

Over the years, something that has stood out to me in advertising and business is the excessive use of tautology. If you’re unfamiliar with the term ‘tautology’, Oxford English Dictionary gives the following definition: ‘The saying of the same thing twice over in different words, generally considered to be a fault of style (e.g. they…More

10. Brand Nationalism

Sport, film, television, music, food, technology, clothes, countries and even individuals have brands today and of course, their own fans… but is it enough to refer to them simply as fans? This week, an unexpected essay encourages Martin to see brand fandom in a new light. Notes George Orwell’s 1945 essay Notes on Nationalism Bloomberg…More