14. Are You an Automaton?

Algorithms surround us in the technology that we use, the systems in which we work and even in the way that we approach everyday tasks. As we become more rational and process-driven in our lives, are we losing something more human about ourselves? Notes Gozzi, Jr., R., 2003, ‘Algorithm versus Aphorism’, in Explorations in Media…More

PhD Journal Entry 9: For the Rest of Us?

The most enjoyable aspect of my PhD research so far has been the discovery of myriad different perspectives on the history of technology, written by a range of media ecologists. Occasionally, in such reading, I have discovered a study or views that challenge my preconceived ideas or in one particular recent case, have even challenged…More

Rumination 65: Gyros Distortion Field

In our non-stop, interconnected world of social media and instant messaging, we’re used to being bombarded with images and advertising. Even if we leave networks or try to look away, we’re still subjected to content by those around us. Maybe it’s the fellow commuter who’s watching YouTube in the train seat next to you or…More