WWDC 2019 Short Wish List

Image source: Apple (2019)
Image source: Apple (2019)

Like every other year, there have been so many WWDC feature wish lists that I would simply be repeating others’ points if I were to write my own extensive version. We all want dark mode, we all want new replacement apps for iTunes and we all want Marzipan to be the real deal. Great, now that’s covered.

What I’d like to do is simply list one super-specific, less typical feature that I would personally love to see added or enhanced in each operating system.


The Photos app would be far better if it had support for editing image metadata, like on the Mac. I frequently need to import photos from my DSLR to my iPad Pro and am unable to edit dates, times, locations, keywords or descriptions. This is a big deal while travelling.


Currently macOS only supports audio output to a HomePod stereo pair if the content is being played in iTunes. Quite often, I wish to play DVDs with video that isn’t on a streaming service and I’m unable direct the audio to both of the HomePods.


Since 2015 when the Apple Watch was first released, watchOS has grown in leaps and bounds and become more independent. Strangely, there still isn’t a Notes app to check your latest entries or scribble or dictate a new one. This seems like something that should have been there on day one. It doesn’t need to have full support for folders but recent items would be great at the very least.


One could argue whether we’ll even hear anything about audioOS at all! Aside from requests for multi-user support, I would love to see speed improvements to Siri Shortcuts. I frequently ask my HomePods, for example, to play a podcast with Overcast. The stereo pair completes the task but it’s always a little bit too slow to communicate with my iPhone. The HomePod experience, great as it is, would be much better with quicker third-party app feedback and lead to more confidence in the product.


This is probably the weirdest wish but I would love to see Safari on tvOS. Yes, we have AirPlay screen-mirroring but imagine how great it would be to have a full-screen Web browser baked right into the operating system.

The Siri Remote may not be the best input device for this but with Bluetooth keyboard support, it would make the Apple TV a much more compelling presentation device for classrooms, boardrooms, airport lounges and even at home. Think about it: with a Web browser, you could have access to further content beyond what is supported in the App Store and essentially have a super-cheap, alternative Mac mini in your lounge room.

Well, what do you think my chances are of getting any of these features?

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