10. Brand Nationalism

Sport, film, television, music, food, technology, clothes, countries and even individuals have brands today and of course, their own fans… but is it enough to refer to them simply as fans? This week, an unexpected essay encourages Martin to see brand fandom in a new light. Notes George Orwell’s 1945 essay Notes on Nationalism Bloomberg…More

Restoring a Magical Piece of Glass

The year 2020 is the tenth anniversary of iPad and there have been many articles, podcasts and videos that all offer their own take on the success and influence of the device. Naturally, I thought that I should throw one in as well, albeit a bit later than the others. Essentially, most commentators fall into…More

Rumination 63: Sole of an Adult

A term that I’ve read repeatedly online over the years is ‘adulting’. Generally, twenty-somethings carry on painfully about how they feel like they’re ‘adulting’, just because they managed to open a savings account, go shopping for groceries or choose to stay home on a Friday night (rather than head out with friends to embarrass themselves…More