Daily Rumination No. 33: Takeaway on a Plate

Late last year, I wrote about how café workers have the ridiculous habit of soiling your napkin by placing it between your food and the plate.

Recently, I encountered an equally strange service situation. Observe the photo below.

You’re looking at a salad that I ordered in a dine-in context, presented in a black takeaway container upon a ceramic plate.


I’m not sure of the reason for this. It’s almost as if they wanted to present the food formally but also discourage me from making the plate dirty, so as to save themselves the need to wash up.

Perhaps instead they wanted to give me the option of running away with my food quickly in the container, in the case of an emergency situation. There’s nothing worse than hearing a fire alarm and having to leave your meal behind.

Whatever the reason, it was wasteful and you can’t recycle black plastic, since the sensors can’t detect them. Maddening!

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