61. Absolute Joy with Fiona Finley

My long-time friend (and former drama teacher and boss), Fiona Finley, joins the podcast to explain her love of the arts. She elaborates on her own background in theatre, the value of performance for kids and the importance of liveness.

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Links and Show Notes

Fiona’s Background 01:13

Working with Children 09:50

Being a Director 15:48

Where Theatre Is Heading 19:59

To Ruminate… 24:37

60. Contemplating Telepresence with Jason Burk

Friend and fellow podcasting co-host Jason Burk joins the virtual rumination lounge! We discuss hobbies, the ever-changing world of online work and education and the effects of open offices and commuting.

(Thank you to the really loud, enthusiastic cicadas who kindly featured intermittently throughout the episode.)

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Links and Show Notes

Introduction 00:00

Thinking Analog(ue) 02:16

Has the World Changed? 07:44

Embracing Broad Knowledge 39:51

Open Offices 43:43

To Ruminate… 55:55

59. Playing to the Audience with Evan Kerr

My long-time friend Evan joins the podcast to discuss his experience as a pianist and music teacher. He also shares his thoughts on how digital technology has been transforming performance and education.

Links and Show Notes

A Dark Cave — 01:03

Performance Roles — 09:36

Acoustic Space — 18:10

Digital Effects on Music Education — 20:55

The Future — 29:54

Passive or Active — 32:17

To Ruminate — 35:10