What I Use

We all use different apps and devices and I believe that it’s good to learn from others. Below are two lists that show what I use each day in researching, writing and editing for Lounge Ruminator and my postgraduate studies, as well as other regular tasks. On my site Feld Notes, you can check out screenshots of my current desktop and Home screens.



  • iA Writer: whether on iOS or macOS, Ulysses offers a great, minimalist writing environment with a dark interface and brilliant organisational features. Not to mention, it also connects to WordPress so that I can write in the app and then publish online.
  • GoodNotes: I use this app on iPadOS (with Apple Pencil) for handwritten notes and PhD journaling and have the macOS equivalent to keep track of things on the desktop.
  • WordPress: beyond just editing and publishing blog-post drafts, the iOS client for WordPress is useful for making changes to themes, pages and images.
  • Tot: this new app is a helpful scratchpad with great options for sync and Markdown. I mainly use it on macOS.
  • Edit: as an even simpler alternative scratchpad, I use this app to quickly draft ideas or messages on iPadOS and iOS.

News and Reference

  • NetNewsWire: this RSS app on macOS enables me to keep track of the news and stories that are most important to me.
  • V for Wikipedia: sometimes you just need to check something on Wikipedia and this app provides an awesome reading experience on iPhone, iPad and even Apple Watch.
  • LookUp: I generally use the built-in dictionary on macOS and iOS, however I also enjoy this great third-party option, which includes a word of the day, is compatible with Apple Watch and has also just been transformed into a Mac Catalyst version.


  • and Gluon: is an enjoyable social network that promotes civil discussion, active microblogging, ownership of content and custom domains. I tend to use the official app on macOS and the excellent (latter) third-party alternative on iOS and iPadOS, due to its customisable interface and themes.
  • Twitterrific: if you want a decent Twitter experience on iOS and macOS with a chronological timeline and no ads, you’ll need a third-party client.

Image Editing

  • Procreate: I am by no means an artist but I do find it fun to make simple sketches. Having this app on my iPad Pro means that I can whip something up quickly, even as a novice.
  • Affinity Photo and Pixelmator Photo: whenever I need to do things beyond the default Photos app on iOS, I love to use these apps.
  • Pixelmator Pro: this is my image editor of choice on macOS.

Audio Playback and Editing

  • Audio Hijack: this fantastic app by Rogue Amoeba makes it easy to record calls and any other audio sources on your Mac.
  • Ferrite Recording Studio: inspired by the great Jason Snell and his Apple Pencil editing skills, I use this app to edit my podcasts.
  • Wavelength: as a part of the suite of apps, I use Wavelength to publish my Feld Notes podcast episodes.
  • Overcast: this is easily the best podcast player on iOS and iPadOS, with great features for sharing clips and adjusting your listening speed.

Window Management


  • iPhone 13 mini (PRODUCT)RED 256 GB
  • iPad Pro 11-inch (silver, Wi-Fi 1 TB): this has really become my computer away from my computer—I really do ruminate on the lounge—and the Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil (second gen.) are great accessories.
  • iPad mini (space grey, 256 GB): this is my true leisure computer, used for reading, watching videos and playing games.
  • Mac mini (M1 2020): I’ve long been a fan of the Mac mini and upgraded to this machine after using the 2014 model. I absolutely love it! Paired with it are the space grey Apple Magic Keyboard (Extended) and Magic Trackpad.
  • Samsung LU28E590D 28″ UHD Monitor: this beautiful 4K display, with its 3840×2160 resolution, gives me all the room that I need for research and writing in multiple documents, along with vibrant colours for editing images and videos.
  • Canon 500D: I received this as a gift back in 2009 and continue to be amazed at some of the shots that it produces, even with an amateur like myself behind the lens.
  • Stadium USBKIT Streaming Microphone Set: including a microphone, boom arm, shock mount and pop filter, this is an affordable set-up for recording podcasts and other streamed audio.
  • Shure MOTIV MV5: this is a compact, easy-to-use portable microphone that I use for podcasting—connected to my iPad Pro via Lightning. (It also plugs into Macs and PCs.)