65. Becoming an Independent Developer with Vincent Ritter

Vincent shares his personal story of how he became an independent developer, from his earliest use of computers through to creative projects and apps like Gluon for Micro.blog.

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Early Days with Computers 00:00

Flight 10:22

Experimenting on the Web 13:23

Developing on Windows 20:23

Swinging Back to Apple 24:53

How It Feels to Code 28:09

Becoming an Independent Developer 29:21

Gluon 39:16

Podcasting 44:23

Identity 46:36

Conclusion 48:32

64. Lounge Bite: Small-file Aesthetics

We all know about the monetary cost of streaming media, but what does it cost the planet?

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Links and Show Notes

Presenting Hemispheric Views One Prime Plus

If you have been following my blog and its associated Lounge Ruminator podcast, then you may recall an episode that I uploaded on 16 August 2020: ’39. International Mac Nerds with Special Guests Andrew Canion and Jason Burk’. This shared, extended audio rumination became the pilot for Hemispheric Views, a fortnightly podcast that I now co-host and -produce with these two great friends.

Since that time, we’ve added more to the hemispheric experience, including social accounts, a dedicated blog, stickers, t-shirts and a public Discord group where listeners can discuss topics from the show and their collective interests.

In the last week, Andrew, Jason and I launched the next chapter in our podcast universe: a Patreon site under the name Hemispheric Views One Prime Plus! The Patreon site includes three tiers with a range of exclusive options for members, including a bonus monthly One Prime Plus podcast, a monthly Hemispheric News PDF newsletter, listeners suggestions and more.

Of course, to represent this new membership and associated podcast, Jason came up with this hilarious, new artwork.

I’m really proud of our combined effort in creating and maintaining this show. I love recording it twice a month and am thrilled that we can create even more for the listeners who want it. My podcasting began with my ongoing research project for university and I never expected this kind of extended creative practice or even to make friends in the process.

We’re tech enthusiasts—and all white men, at that—but our interests and talents differ and we never take ourselves too seriously. I believe that this has enabled us to produce a show that is more fun, varied and light-hearted than most tech podcasts. Although we cover some elements of news, you can easily dip in and out of episodes without much care for the order, as we share a range of stories and personal experiences that aren’t all time-bound.

If you’ve listened to Hemispheric Views, thank you! If not, give it a try in your podcast app of choice! We also appreciate any honest ratings and reviews on Apple Podcasts. 🙂