Rumination 72: Urban Coffee Culture

Whenever Natasha and I do our grocery shopping, we always make sure to visit local, independent shops in our area, as we naturally wish to support them. Furthermore they often stock obscure things that you can’t find elsewhere. In Australia, the two main grocery chains are Coles and Woolworths and although their respective ranges are…More

Rumination 71: Tree Lines

During a weekend dinner at my in-laws’ place, I briefly left to take containers of leftovers home—as is the custom—around the corner before returning for dessert. After placing things in the fridge, locking my door, walking down the driveway and crossing the road, I strolled over to the street corner to start climbing the hill…More

Rumination 70: From an [INSERT HERE] Perspective

More and more these days, I hear people using a very specific kind of phrase as they begin to offer their own opinion or take on an issue. If you’re unfamiliar with it, it is what I am now dubbing the ‘perspective-driven dependent clause’. The examples below are just some of the vague, perspective-driven dependent…More