57. Running Through a Maze with Natasha Kandilas Feld

Natasha joins me on the lounge for the first episode of 2021! We reflect on our recent visit to one of the most unusual, niche amusement parks in Australia, called Granties Maze, then share memories of trips to theme parks from when we were kids. We then ruminate on the difference in experiencing such places…More

Rumination 72: Urban Coffee Culture

Whenever Natasha and I do our grocery shopping, we always make sure to visit local, independent shops in our area, as we naturally wish to support them. Furthermore they often stock obscure things that you can’t find elsewhere. In Australia, the two main grocery chains are Coles and Woolworths and although their respective ranges are…More

56. Lounge Bite: Milk? Mylk? Malk?

How do naming and branding decisions affect people’s willingness to adopt food substitutes? Links and Show Notes Omnivore Tofu Beyond Meat List of meat substitutes Better Cheddar vegan cheese image Nut Mylk Base image Almond milk Pea protein An Australian macadamia milk example (not a sponsor!) For those confused by the last part of the…More