27. Stillness

A street sign on a power pole that says 'Stillness Road, No Through Road'

This week, I discuss the true purpose of technology education, according to Postman—somehow weaving my favourite sci-fi series into it—then conclude by ruminating on what it means to be still.


  • Upgrade episode 299
  • James Cridland’s tweet
  • Postman, N., 1995, The End of Education : Redefining the Value of School, 1st ed., Knopf.
  • Murphie, A., 2011, ‘Shadow’s Forces/Force’s Shadows’, in Bissell, D. and Fuller, G. (eds), 2011, Stillness in a Mobile World, International Library of Sociology, Routledge, pp. 21–37.
  • Edward Bernays on Wikipedia
  • The Suburbs — 2010 album by Arcade Fire

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