Rumination 49: Centring Is Overrated

Recently, I noticed that popular job site Indeed has a real issue with centring certain elements of its website. Two major ones it’s homepage appear strangely regardless of which size of device you’re using to view it.

In this example, the Indeed logo is slightly higher than the search field and the ‘Find Jobs’ button is slightly lower than the search field. What you end up with is a really strange, super-long staircase that descends from left to right.

In this second example, the ‘Upload Your Resume’ button is slightly left-of-centre and not aligned with the call-to-action above. (Let’s not forget the fact that it should really be spelt as ‘résumé’, although perhaps I’m becoming too much of a pedant here.)

Why do I consider this worth writing about? So much of modern life is experienced through devices like smartphones, tablets and laptop computers. Whether it’s applying for a job, completing a tax return, editing family photos or composing a major film score.

The world is a beautiful place and if we are to spend so much of our time staring at displays instead, the interfaces with which we interact should be beautiful and thoughtful too. I’m just one guy online and I’m sure that there are numerous things on my site that aren’t perfect—a company as successful as Indeed can afford to spend the time and resources making its site look and perform as it should.

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