Rumination No. 42: Handmaid’s Tale Fashion

One trend that I’ve noticed increasingly—with a minor level of concern—is the sale of outfits that match the colour scheme of The Handmaid’s Tale. If you haven’t seen it before, stop reading this and start watching it. In the programme, handmaids are forced to wear bright, red cloaks that symbolise their fertility and wives (their infertile female superiors) wear a distinctive shade of blue-green.

This trend exploded during last year’s second season but this time around, it’s back in full force. Interestingly, the colours are now being presented next to each other and even together on racks! I can’t quite see how this could be a coincidence. Check out the example from Coles’s ‘Mix’ section below.

No colour or particular combination of colours must be avoided necessarily, however I feel that it’s in somewhat poor taste for supermarkets and fashion retailers to offer women’s fashion that is inspired by a fictitious, totalitarian Christian-fundamentalist state that robs women of choice and freedom.

Couple this with the recent controversy of Kylie Jenner’s recent Handmaid’s Tale-themed party and you have to wonder: do people appreciate their privilege or are they really just blind consumers, hungry for their next like on Instagram?

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