Daily Rumination No. 15: On Writing (So Far)

Creating a consistent writing habit can be a very difficult thing to do. For a long time, I intended to write online at least once a week but failed miserably.

This very site started out as a blog for my university studies whilst I undertook a course in communication and media studies. When I tried to take it beyond that, work, family, friends and life in general naturally got in the way. (There are many other important things!)

It wasn’t until I renamed this site Lounge Ruminator and established a new blog on Micro.blog that my writing habit changed. Suddenly, with a new site called Feld Notes on Micro.blog and the removal of other social networking accounts, I developed a clearer vision for my writing: a site on Micro.blog for my quick posts and photos; and this site for anything longer that requires a title.

I went into this in more detail on this week’s episode of the Micro Monday podcast, which is a show that highlights different people in the Micro.blog community. I was grateful to be invited by co-founder Jean MacDonald to speak about my interests and experience with the site.

I was thinking about all of this again today after a colleague mentioned at a work event that she had noticed things online about my blogging. It was a pleasant surprise to hear this.

I honestly write for my own enjoyment and do not expect or yearn for likes. I enjoy taking the time to think and develop an argument or story and (in quite a nerdy way) I really love the feeling of typing on different keyboards and alternating between iOS and macOS. Some people play piano but I like to touch-type.

So far, I’ve been pleased with my maintenance of a regular writing habit, both in the form of my Daily Ruminations and the occasional alternative piece. It’s brilliant to set such time aside for oneself.

Of course, when you put a word like ‘daily’ in the title of each of your blog posts, the pressure is on to deliver, even if your audience is small.

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