Daily Rumination No. 9: A Fresh Cup of #Caffeinespiration

Do you like coffee? I do. I wrote about it recently and the topic has already returned today. This time, it’s not about people’s love for instant coffee but the clichéd and mundane efforts that café owners undertake to decorate their establishments and create some sort of story about coffee.

Some time ago, café owners started displaying posters in their establishments that mock how dependent their customers are on caffeine. No doubt you’ve seen them before; they often look something like this…

The third image is the one that I’ve seen the most at various cafés. It’s kind of strange that we have come to accept these retro images as common memes in the physical world, simultaneously laughing with and at us as we waste our money daily on over-priced bean juice mixed with milk.

Someone clearly missed the memo on this style, however, as I spotted recently at a hotel while I was away for work. Check out the following image from the hotel’s café/restaurant.

I’m hoping that a staff member just made this quickly at home and didn’t pay any money for it. It isn’t funny and it was there each morning that I went for breakfast and coffee. It wasn’t a quote of the day; it was a permanent installation.

Along with my recent rumination into Australia’s overwhelming preference for instant coffee, this common display of useless #caffeinspirational quotes also suggests that we Australians are quite lacking in taste. It’s bourgeois in the extreme.

Surely there are some Australian café owners out there who are above this.

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