Poem: Happy Birthday, Mac

When I was the tender, young age of five,
My parents bought our very first Mac.
From the moment we pressed it alive,
We knew there was no looking back.

Through the classic OS I did click,
Unaware of the company’s woes.
I was in love with a GUI so slick,
It could have collapsed right under my nose.

More products then entered our homes,
So many iThings and speakers and watches!
Would you believe they wrote their own tome,
Showing all of their fine design touches?

I look back on all I’ve created,
Whether for school or for work or for fun,
And nothing could be more surely stated,
Only with Mac could it all have been done.

Years later, through transitions aplenty,
The Mac has changed in ways both big and small.
Yet after 35 years we know definitely,
Its true spirit remains for us all.

Happy birthday, Mac.

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