I’m an enthusiastic listener and maker of podcasts. Below is a list of the different podcast projects in which I’m involved.

Lounge Ruminator

As an audio extension of this blog, my weekly Lounge Ruminator podcast features exclusive audio ‘ruminations’ that you won’t find written here on the site. Each episode is one of two distinct formats: a monologic stream of thoughts on how media and technology affect our lives; or conversation with guests about topics that are important to them.

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View the full list of episodes in my archive’s podcast category.

Hemispheric Views

I co-host the fortnightly podcast Hemispheric Views with friends Andrew Canion and Jason Burk. We discuss our favourite technology, swap recommendations in a segment titled ‘Media Corner’ and chat about various social issues from Australian and American perspectives. Visit the dedicated website or listen on Apple Podcasts.

Feld Notes

On my podcast Feld Notes, I aim to uncover and preserve my family history—recording when I can! At the moment, I’m interviewing my grandmother, Penka, about her life in North Macedonia (once a part of the former Yugoslavia) and eventual move in the 1970s to Wollongong, Australia. This wonderful city is where my family and I continue to live today. Visit the dedicated webpage or listen on Apple Podcasts.

Other Appearances

  • Through my paid communications work at BlueScope—a global steel manufacturer that is based in Australia—I record, host and edit the Voices of BlueScope podcast. Each episode is a fantastic team effort, as we meet people across the company about their various roles, backgrounds, projects and career motivations. Visit the dedicated webpage or listen on Apple Podcasts.
  • I also had the pleasure of joining episode 53 of Micro Monday (hosted by Jean MacDonald of Micro.blog).