As an audio extension of this blog, my weekly Lounge Ruminator podcast features exclusive audio ‘ruminations’ that you won’t find written here on the site. Each episode is one of two distinct formats: a monologic stream of thoughts on how media and technology affect our lives; or conversation with guests about topics that are important to them.

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70. Lounge Bite: After Life Lounge Ruminator

If you haven’t watched this show, then you definitely should. Read a transcript of the episode. Image credit: Netflix (2022) Links and Show Notes Ricky Gervais After Life Daily Rumination No. 24: The Value of British Humour Hemispheric Views podcast Media franchise The Matrix (franchise) James Bond Daniel Craig Quantum of Solace Lost
  1. 70. Lounge Bite: After Life
  2. 69. Review: Semicolon by Cecelia Watson
  3. 68. On a Country Road with Andrew McLuhan
  4. 67. Podcasting on Podcasting with Dr. Dario Llinares
  5. 66. An Aca-fan Moment with Anne Korfmacher

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