The Legend of Seinfeld

Last night was a night that I thought would never happen: I had the chance to see Jerry Seinfeld perform live at the ICC in Sydney. The absolute sitcom and stand-up legend himself, who had not performed in Australia in 19 years, decided to visit this continent and gift us with his unmatched observational comedy.…More

Kitchen System Exposé: A Closer Look at Daily Chamber Life

Every so often, where I work (at the German-Australian Chamber) I’m asked to write something that’s a little tongue-in-cheek for the office’s cultural WordPress blog. This time, it was about some missing forks in the office kitchen. It starts as follows: Without a doubt, one of the most important things in any home or business…More

Co-presence: Convenience or Curse?

As media forms and technology continue to converge, more and more people are participating in social media, e-mail, cloud computing, online gaming, SMS / MMS, push notifications, and instant messaging. These technologies create a certain ‘virtual reality’, or ‘pure information space’, immersing and connecting people across great distances in artificial environments for instant, interactive communication…More