A Rational Fear Covers the Australian Bushfire Crisis (Video)

Australia doesn’t always make international headlines but this month, it has been hard to miss on the news. The country has been experiencing a devastating bushfire crisis. Even before we left for our recent trip to the United States, the smoke haze was intolerable in our area and many had been affected by the disaster…More

The Conversation: With cryptocurrency launch, Facebook sets its path toward becoming an independent nation

Writing at The Conversation, author Jennifer Grygiel of Syracuse University contributed this fantastic article about Facebook’s announcement of its new cryptocurrency, Libra. This is a particularly powerful section: Facebook’s entrance into the financial industry is a threat to democracies and their citizens around the world, on the same scale as disinformation and information warfare, which…More

Rumination No. 36: Advance Australia… Yeah, Nah…

During this weekend’s federal election, Australia showed that it is a nation divided, indeed, a nation of great contradictions. I believe that Australia generally sees itself as a forward-thinking nation—one of progressive ideas, innovation and the ‘fair go’. We apparently value equality and are early adopters of numerous consumer technologies. Yet, when it comes to…More