43. Trio and Tenet

In this quick update, I discuss my shared launch of a new podcast, called Hemispheric Views (with friends and fellow microbloggers Andrew and Jason) and reflect on a recent trip to the cinema with Natasha to see Christopher Nolan’s Tenet. Notes Hemispheric Views 001: Tim Tam Slams! podcast episode The foyer of the Gala Cinema…More

42. Early Adoption with Special Guest Craig Nealon

I’m joined by Craig Nealon to discuss what sparked his long-term interest in technology, the products and apps that have inspired his creative work over the years and the art of predicting whether devices will succeed or flop. Notes Betamax Macintosh 128K MacDraw MacPaint MacWrite Macintosh TV Apple Newton Apple QuickTake QuickTime VR HyperCard McLuhan’s…More

41. Accidental Urban Archaeology

We tend to think of history as something that exists purely in the past or in photos, however it can return in odd, little ways that can surprise us—even in places that we know well. Notes ‘minimal web’ on mnmlist More information about Globe Lane in Wollongong on Weekend Notes An article about Wollongong’s semi-controversial…More