52. Gendered Food

I delve into Rushkoff’s (2016) concept of ‘digital distributism’ and ponder why people feel the need to assign gender to menu options.  Links and Show Notes Rushkoff, D., 2016, Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus: How Growth Became the Enemy of Prosperity, Portfolio/Penguin. Table of business approaches from page 225 of Rushkoff’s (2016) book 29. Mass versus…More

51. Vegemite

It’s one of the most controversial foods on the planet… but for those who love it (and other similar cultural icons), what does it mean when such a thing is changed or a new variant is thrown into the mix? Links and Show Notes Vegemite website ‘001: Tim Tam Slams’ on Hemispheric Views Public Discord…More

50. Curb and Posting

Prompted by the great TV show Curb Your Enthusiasm, I consider how technology of any given period contributes to the writing and portrayal of comedic situations, which may not be possible or credible at a later time. Also following the start of Microblogvember 2020, I contemplate the value of posting daily online. Links and Show…More