55. Memories and the Trouble with Being Born

In this episode, I discuss a common theme that I enjoy across various media: memory. I explore what it means to have memories, how they differ from (and complement) history and how they have been represented in a particularly controversial, new film. Links and Show Notes The Fiftieth Gate (1997) by Mark Raphael Baker Blade…More

54. Lounge Bite: Scaffolding

Introducing a new format… Lounge Bite! Inspired by HVmini instalments on the Hemispheric Views podcast, each occasional Lounge Bite episode is no longer than five minutes and includes only one topic—saving time in your busy podcast queue and consuming less energy in downloading and streaming. This time, I discuss the value of scaffolding to make…More

53. Excess Energy and Urban Eyesores

How can we be more considerate of the energy that we use when we’re online and who really has a say about the changing face of our cities? Links and Show Notes Sy Taffel Website Carbon Calculator by Wholegrain Digital Wollongong, Australia on Visit NSW 42. Early Adoption with Special Guest Craig Nealon on Lounge…More