4. Immediate Recognition

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t enjoy movies but some people don’t always think about the crucial role of the soundtrack. In this podcast episode, Martin is inspired by a noisy neighbour and a fellow Micro.blog user to discuss one of his favourite movie soundtracks and what makes it stand out from others, even…More

3. It Is the Principle of the Thing

Design is all around us, whether in the physical products that we handle or the digital interfaces that we scroll, swipe and press. Martin ruminates on the importance of transparency and honesty in the design of interfaces, drawing on the work of Scolari and Mumford, along with Rams’s design principles. Notes Second Law of the…More

2. It Is Complicated

As an avid Apple Watch user since its release in 2015, Martin discusses how the device has changed both his behaviour and the way that he thinks about time. It’s a powerful, personal device that’s supposed to make things easier, yet many wish for custom faces and even more complications… but at what cost? Looking…More