32. Tackling Sports Betting with Special Guest Dr. Hannah Pitt

Turn on your TV to watch a sporting match in Australia and you’re sure to see advertisements for various betting apps and services. Of particular concern is how these advertisements can affect and are understood by children. To learn more, I invited Dr. Hannah Pitt (Postdoctoral Research Fellow in public health at Deakin University) to discuss her continuing research into this issue.

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31. WWDC and the Reality Distortion Field

Every year, on a particular day in June, I get up at 3:00 am in Australia to watch Apple’s WWDC keynote address. This year’s was really impressive and in this episode, I summarise the most exciting updates. There is, however one part of this story—almost too quickly forgotten—that needs to be addressed and I tell a personal story about security to make sense of it.


30. The Martin Feld Retail Photo Collection

This week, I reflect briefly on the history of radio, discuss the need for more international content in TV streaming and share the story of a bizarre photo album that went from digital to print.


29. Mass versus Niche

Niche communities, identities and communication channels—they are a sign of the great diversity of interests, views and cultural groups in our society… but they can also be a sign of fragmentation. In a world that’s brimming with super-specific feeds, tailored content and targeted advertising, could some mass media actually offer a better way of engaging with major global issues and movements, such as #BlackLivesMatter? I (a white person) try to consider and discuss this respectfully.


28. A Potted Computing History with Special Ordinary Guest Andrew Canion

These days, most people take their devices for granted. As an antidote to this, I speak with fellow Microblogger and tech hobbyist, Andrew Canion. We share our early memories of computing, our current preferences, touch-typing origin stories and how we both ended up choosing the Mac as the hub of our digital lives. Last, we discuss where we’d like technology to go in the future.

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