44. Sydney 2000 Olympic Nostalgia with Special Guest Natasha Kandilas Feld

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, Natasha and I reflect on the opening ceremony and how the event was hyped during our respective childhoods.

Thank you for your patience with some echo in this episode, due to a fun technical issue. Enjoy it!


43. Trio and Tenet

In this quick update, I discuss my shared launch of a new podcast, called Hemispheric Views (with friends and fellow microbloggers Andrew and Jason) and reflect on a recent trip to the cinema with Natasha to see Christopher Nolan’s Tenet.


42. Early Adoption with Special Guest Craig Nealon

I’m joined by Craig Nealon to discuss what sparked his long-term interest in technology, the products and apps that have inspired his creative work over the years and the art of predicting whether devices will succeed or flop.


40. Simplicity with Special Guest Miraz Jordan

This week, fellow Microblogger Miraz Jordan joins me to discuss the value of simplicity in our lives, whether in using plain language, finding ways to be kinder to the planet or even just being willing to leave a rubbish TV show halfway through a season.

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39. International Mac Nerds with Special Guests Andrew Canion and Jason Burk

For this episode, I’m joined by friends (and fellow Micro.blog users) Andrew Canion and Jason Burk. We speak about our shared love of digital technology, the pros and cons of product and network lock-in, the trials and tribulations of email and differences in coffee culture.

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38. Typos and Consoles

I ruminate on the perceived authority of print and consider how we define the word ‘computer’ in 2020.


37. New Ways

Often we just do the same old thing—going around in circles. When we do find a new way, we don’t always stop to appreciate how it has affected us. In this episode, I discuss some of my own new ways: mind mapping; using a horribly designed (but useful) app and a different way of using a dining table. Strangely, I also mention a chicken shop.


36. Mapping Entrepreneurial Narratives with Special Guest David Sharpe

This week, I chat with David Sharpe, who is undertaking PhD research into entrepreneurship in the creative industries in Australia (through the University of Wollongong). He is particularly interested in the journeys that entrepreneurs take and the narratives that they create about them. I ask him to explain his background, motivation and process and we compare research experiences.

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35. Personas and Pets

For this episode, I explore the concept of persona—just how many people make up the person that is you?—and I discuss my own experience of having furry and feathered companions while working from home.


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  • LinkedIn post about Rocky, our cockatiel