27. Stillness

This week, I discuss the true purpose of technology education, according to Postman—somehow weaving my favourite sci-fi series into it—then conclude by ruminating on what it means to be still.


  • Upgrade episode 299
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  • Edward Bernays on Wikipedia
  • The Suburbs — 2010 album by Arcade Fire

26. Bibliophilia

I explain my early research into the world of niche tech podcasting and discuss an uncontrollable urge that many people experience: the desire to buy more books than can ever actually be read.


25. Stiller the Best with Special Guest Natasha Kandilas Feld

This week, in honour of the late, great Jerry Stiller (aka Frank Costanza in Seinfeld), Natasha and I discuss the best TV show in history, how it brought us together and some of Stiller’s most memorable moments as Costanza.


24. Music as a Time Machine with Special Guest Pete Destry

Now that restrictions on visiting others have been relaxed a bit in New South Wales, Pete joined me on the rumination lounge to discuss the power that music has to transport us to different times and places.


23. Ending on a High

How many things that you enjoy manage to end on a high? In this episode, we explore an example of Australian cultural cringe, a persistent pop-culture icon and someone who quit when the time was right.

(Not to mention, this podcast now includes MP3 chapter artwork as a nice, little extra, so check out the app Overcast to see it.)